Marti Reed

"Sharing the Beauty and Wonder of the World, One Painting at a Time"

About Me

"Tabitha" - 11 x 14 oil on canvas - $150

My Background

In my childhood, I  spent hours drawing and creating images in pencil and charcoals. I actually still have many of those drawings to this day. After a lifetime of school, marriage, kids, careers, I finally rediscovered my passion for art, and began painting. Being self taught has its challenges, but what an amazing adventure!

My Medium

My adventure began with watercolors, then shifted to acrylics, and finally evolved to my favorite medium, oils.   Most recently I have been combining fluid acrylics with the richness of oils to produce an interesting effect.

My Inspiration

The world is an amazing place and I envision paintings in everything I see around me.  I am most fascinated with animals and people to try and capture their essence with strokes of a brush, to make them come alive on the canvas.